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Mask of the Edo People, Nigeria
Photo: Peter Herrmann

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Memorial Head of a Queen Mother Thermoluminescence - Expertise
Benin, Nigeria
appr. 1780
44 cm
Head - Expertise
Most heads of this type tend to feature highly stylised and diagrammatic characteristics. In contrast, the face of this head is rendered with relative delicacy. Rosettes made from large, conical pearls are fastened to the sides of the bouffant pearl head covering, while strings of pearls hang down both in front of and behind the ears. In addition to these central pearls, three bulging bumps are affixed to the forehead, each meant to represent a decorative scar. Beginning right under the mouth, the neck is adorned with several coral necklaces, meant as signs of the Queen Mother's wealth. The base of the memorial head, which does not usually feature any deeply symbolic objects, has been almost totally destroyed.

The opening in the head was intended for elephant teeth, which normally illustrated the full spectrum of the king's accomplishments. It is not clear whether the elephant tooth in this head was engraved with the feats of the Queen Mother herself or those she helped the Oba achieve. Depictions of females are very rare in Benin and exist almost exclusively in the form of Queen Mother heads. Female members of court society, for example, never appear on relief plaques at all.

At 200 years old, this head dates to the late phase of Benin culture. It has an age-appropriate and nicely evolved patina. The overall condition is excellent, with no damage. The piece was acquired in Lomé, Togo in 2016.

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