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Owujoto Bronze Head

Photo: Peter Herrmann

Thermoluminescence - Expertise


Owujoto Head

Benin-Culture, Nigeria
around 1800
23,5 cm

Edited in the net since february 2018
Memorial Head:

Evenly cleanly cast exterior and interior surfaces. Tiny corroding at the top of the perforated rim otherwise best possible condition. Very elegant face resting in itself. Vertical depression on the chin. Small discreet scarring on the forehead. Stepped hairstyle. On each side behind the ears a small braid reaching down to the base. Four rows of coral bands and another stylised border of coral beads at the plynthe.

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Sotheby's New York. 1986. Kopf Benin-Kultur. Age not mentioned. No provenience. € 683.904,-

Auktionshaus Koller. 2005. Kopf Benin-Kultur. Benin 17.-18. Jh. € 423.060,-

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