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Little Head

Benin-Culture, Nigeria
around 1740
11,5 cm

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Little Head - given as gift

This small head, only 11.5 centimetres high, was initially thought to be an artisan replica, although the patina appeared to have an age well over 100 years. However, the very knowledgeable local dealer insisted that it was an old piece. These small heads were guest gifts to important visitors to the court of Benin.

The object has a certain explosive power. Motifs of this kind are often described in literature as heads of slain enemies. However, it is hardly likely that gifts were made with such a background.

Because the wall is about the same thickness as large heads, this small one looks a little squat and is not quite as finely worked. Since the material price for such alloys was very high in the 18th century, it is a very valuable gift despite its size.

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