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Ancient Art from Africa - Ife
Ife head
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Thermoluminescence - Expertise


Memorial Head

Ife, Nigeria
13th century
42 cm


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Memorial Head:

This larger-than-life, 750-year-old head from Ife was very thinly cast and, accordingly, is quite light. Its enormous size indicates that it does not belong to the tradition of heads that were bedecked with the Oni's actual crown after his death. More likely, this head was outfitted with a similarly-cast bronze crown.

The various holes that dot the face were originally ornamented with small pearls, leading Willett to suspect that they were perhaps intended as a means to seal the mouth. This practice hearkens back to various traditions according to which the Oni, as a type of divine king, was not permitted to show his mouth publicly - neither while talking nor while eating (cf. Willett, p. 30).

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