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Ancient Art from Africa - Benin
Benin Head
Thermolumineszenz - Expertise


Head of an Important Ibo Person

Benin, Nigeria
16th century
25 cm



Linie Grau
Head of an Important Ibo Person:

It is not known whom this head is meant to represent. In 1919, Luschan held it for a female head, based on the argument that such toric necklaces were worn only by female musicians. The latest research, however, indicates that this is the memorial head of a king.

Copies of this head - with coral head covering, a single pearl on the forehead, toric coral necklace and hanging pearl plaits - appeared frequently during the 16 th century. The gentle modelling of the soft and sensitive facial features is noteworthy in and of itself and especially in contrast with the much more diagrammatically rendered ears.

The realistic portrayal of the face is typical for Benin bronzes from the 16 th century and is usually seen as evidence of Ife influences. The question of who influenced whom and during what time period, however, has still not yet been adequately explored.

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Linie Grau
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Linie Grau
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Linie Grau