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Wächter vom Mono
Graue Linie
Guardian, upper Mono

Togo. ca. 1980
Wood, wrapped with textil
92 cm

Very rare figure from the area, where the Mono-River is crossing from Republik of Benin to Togo. Lokal informations content that the Statue should be more then fifty years. Weathering and good preservation assumes, however, for a a little more anew. The figure was used as guardian for the village.

The face ist unusually naturalistic worked, while the body is abstracted in post style. With the exception of shoulder and foots the body is completely bandaged. Included in the wrapping are various subjcts, propably to charge power. Instead of arms on the left side there is a horicontally fixed peace of wood on wich lays a Bundel of brushwood decorated with cowries on the handle.

The eyes are implied with cowries and the mouth ist opend with a small hole. The hair is a short style wich does not allow to pinpoint male or female. Near hip and belly are spigots and the whole figure is speckled coloured in red, Caolin and Indigo.

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