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Post Togu Na
Graue Linie
Post Togu-Na

Dogon, Mali
228 cm, with base 235 cm

Pillar/supporting post of a convention-house Togu-Na from the Dogon, Mali. Dark wood, left naturally. Strong traces of weathering in at the basis, that was implanted in the ground. The right arm of the frelief-figure is missing. Made out of one stem.

The Togu-Na is first house to build of a villge. Rectangular or round roof-construction, carried by forked pillars. Residence for the seniors' counsel, place for important happenings and cermonies.

Because of its height and weight its to big for the permanently moving Peter Herrmann Collection. So we'd like to sell it. (Berlin)

ToguNa Detail
ToguNa Detail


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