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Peter Herrmann vor seiner Strahlenkanone  Herrmann SK - 4000

Peter Herrmann, shortly after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for the work of his Herrmann SK-4000. With this ionizing radiation canon, he changes, by request, every object to your desired age.

We are the experts for strontium-90 and colbalt-210, beta, gamma, and other irradiations. Whether with or without aluminum, we offer every zinc percentage and are your specialists for alloys of every kind.

The Herrmann SK-4000 only consumes an affordable 1.5 megawatts per hour and forms a high-quality patina in parallel. The historical artistic background for each ethnicity will be composed by scientific staff according to your requirements. Consultation and expertise can be obtained from our cartel branches in Paris, Haigerloch, London, Benin City, and Foumban.

Our methods are developed and recommended by recognized anthropologists with credible doctorate degrees.

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