Bill Kouélany - Myriam Mihindou - Louzla Darabi - Malam

05/17 - 07/12, 2008

Installation, Sculpture, Photography, Painting

Bill Kouélany who became well known through documenta 12, deals in her paintings and installations with the themes of death, violence and destruction. The torn edges of the hand-made grey paper, which is used for bricks in a wall or as parts of the human body , is one of the most obvious elements of the images. The images appear fragmentary and fragile fixed onto the canvas with the rough stitches At present she is working on theatre projects
A number of the paintings of Louzla Darabi concern themselves in a provocative way with eroticism and Islam, others satirise well-known leaders in the Islamic world. Her images, which break taboos offend the ethical perception of believing Muslims. As in Sweden some years ago, her work created uproar and censure at the JoburgArtFair. An installation with Fighting Penguins caused a disturbance at the Tate Modern and extensive coverage in the July issue of DU has led to further interest in this artist.
Myriam Mihindou works like a sculptor with her staged presentations of objects: hands and feet tied up in leather, the terracotta forms , pieces of plants mutated with silicone, people with sculptures in strange poses. Micro photos of hair and reflections of schematic figures in glass are enlarged to form wall installations. As with the other three artists, she too is presented in Focus on Africa in Kunsttermine 2/08
Malam sees himself as a supervisor, who, makes apparent to us through his sculptures and collages the fraternisation of politics, Christianity, the pharmaceutical industry and the media. He uses plaster, packaging and waste to express his opinions about the use of foodstuffs to power machines and the reduced freedom of movement imposed on Africans who want to travel. Parallel to the group show, we will be showing a monumental work at Pont Alexandre III in Paris at Hôtel des Invalides this summer.

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Fotos:Dorina Hecht