Louzla Darabi alias Dalila Dalleas


Wir arbeiteten mit der Künstlerin von 2004 bis 2010.

Louzla Darabi in the Peter Herrmann Gallery, Berlin November 2008


Since we first collaborated with Louzla Darabi in 2004, the artist's various activities and exhibitions have been attracting a great deal of international public attention - from admiring articles to intense scandals.

In the latest solo exhibition (November 27, 2008 - January 17, 2009 >>), we concentrate on triptychs in which Louzla Darabi combines familiar genres like portrait, landscape and abstract painting. In them, the Algerian artist, who lives in France, grapples both figuratively-representationally and abstractly-gesturally with love and eroticism as well as with death and violence.

The new cloud studies, in contrast, seem more cautious in terms of content. Yet viewed in the context of the political scandals caused by her previous works - like, for example, scene d'amour in which a visual depiction of sex is combined with text from the first Sura of the Qur'an - this aesthetic variation seem to be an antagonism. Its dissolving starts by looking on her complet opus, in which a poetic influence, even in provocative topics, is immanent.

We also present anew the sculptural aspect of Louzlas's work with numerous terracotta warrior penguins that already caused a stir during a spontaneous campaign at the Tate Gallery in London. The small animals are part of a perennial concept according to which they act, individually or collectively, as observers of contemporary art events in museums and galleries.

Louzla Darabi studied arts at Ecole des Beaux-Arts as well as natural and earth science at the Paris VI University.

The artist will be present for the exhibition opening.

2010 End of cooperation with Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Phantomschaltung Fernmeldeamt Berlin. Without participation of Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Dak'art. Biennale de Dakar, Senegal. Contact by Peter Herrmann
  Focus 10. Group exhibition. Basel. Curated by Peter Herrmann
  Carte Blanche Group exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Essen. Group exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Luft. Group exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Wasser. Group exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
2009 JoburgArtFair. Johannesburg. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Art Karlsruhe. Fair. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Dalila Dalleas. Solo exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Sculptures en ville, l'utopia. Bordeaux
2008 JoburgArtFair. Johannesburg. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Balance. Heiligendamm. With Alexander Ochs Galleries, Curated by Peter Herrmann
  What are we going to do... Moba Gallery, Brussels. Contact by Peter Herrmann
  Review - Preview. Group exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Novembre à Vitry
Fokus Afrika Kunstverein Neue Galerie Landshut. Curated by Peter Herrmann
Groß und Quer. Group exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann. Berlin.
Et ils se connurent Solo exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann, Berlin
No Name Fever. Aids in the Age of Globalisation. Museum of World Culture Göteborg. SchwedenContact by Peter Herrmann
Oran - Alger - Constantine. Group-show. Louzla Darabi - Nicole Guiraud - Samta Benyahia. Galerie Peter Herrmann, Berlin
L'Afrique á venir. Acht Künstlerinnen aus Afrika. Galerie Peter Herrmann, Berlin, in Kooperation mit Galerie Waschhaus, Potsdam
  Beginning of cooperation with Galerie Peter Herrmann
Château de Livry-Gargan. Solo exhibition.
Artists' residence in Algeria. Studios for Algerian women painters, Oran.
Museum Frissiras. Athens, Greece. Group exhibition.
Museum "Staro Selo", Sirogojno, Serbia, and artists' residence.
Solo exhibition at "Le Sofa." Paris, France.
Municipal gallery of Vitry-sur-Seine, France.
Portrait (paintings and sounds) at "La Gare Au Théâtre" during the "Nous n'irons pas à Avignon" festival.
La Nuit du Thé Dansant, experimental soirée. Montreuil, France.
A la Recherche des Manchots, Falkland Islands.
  From 2004 to 2010 all press-work by Peter Herrmann

Media/ Press/ Links

2009 Die Welt. Luft at Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Interview by Clèsarid Fédéral
  Vingt minutes. Les pingouins guerriers
2008 Du Kunstmagazin. Portrait einer Künstlerin as pdf
  Kunsttermine - Galerie Peter Herrmann as pdf
  art - Das Kunstmagazin -Johannesburg Art Fair - Dia Show
2007 Göteborgs-Posten. 31.10.2007. Efter skandalen - Louzla Darabi, Fateme Goshe, Natalia Edenmont
  Göteborgs-Posten. 30.10.2007. Efter skandalen - vad hände sedan?
2006 pool - life & culture Magazin, The silence of Thoughts. Helmut Wolf
  Revue du BDAP, femmes artistes. Berlin
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2005 Die Welt April 9, 2005.
  TV 4 Goteborg. 3.2.2005. Louzla Darabi Skandal at Museum for World Culture Göteborg
  Göteborgs-Posten. 3. Februar 2005. Louzla Darabi Skandal im Museum für Weltkulturen in Göteborg

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  Göteborgs-Posten 2. März 2005. Louzla Darabi - Konstnären vill ha debatt
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2004 Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten. 6.7.2004

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Video: Penguins at Tate Modern Gallery
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  Dalila Dalleas Biography, Press and Bibliography of Dalila Dalleas >>

Publications/ Books/ Magazines



Louzla Darabi. A Portrait of the artist in the November 2008 edition more>>


Louzla Darabi at DU - Das Kulturmagazin in Juli/Aug. 2008 Edition. Exclusively at the Cover. A portrait on eight pages with photos.


Article: Dalila von Dalila Dalléas

Service culturel de l'Ambassade de France
Association Française d'Action Artistique
Cultural Departement of the French Embassy, Berlin




Artikel Pool: the silence of thoughts

Cooperations with Galerie Peter Herrmann
  Joburg Art Fair 2009

Joburg Art Fair

Messe 2. - 5.04.2009
with Bill Kouélany, Ransome Stanley, Chéri Samba, Ayana V. Jackson


Louzla Darabi
Solo exhibition

November 27, 2008 - Januar 17, 2009


Joburg Art Fair

Messe 13. - 16. 03. 2008
with Bill Kouélany, Myriam Mihindou and Malam.


Review - Preview

Group exhibition, 17.05 - 12.07.2008
with Bill Kouélany, Myriam Mihindou and Malam.


Africome. Focus Africa

Group exhibition, 28.10. - 26.11.2006
Neue Galerie Landshut. Curated by Peter Herrmann. With Sokari Douglas Camp, Nicole Guiraud and Wok Marcia Kure.


Groß und Quer
Group exhibition in the Gallery, September - Oktober 2005
with Sokari Douglas Camp, Jürgen Schadeberg, Owusu-Ankomah, Susan Hefuna, Chéri Samba, Nzante Spee, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Aboudramane and Laura Anderson Barbata.


Et ils se connurent
Solo exhibition in the Gallery, 10.05. - 25.06.2005



L'Afrique á venir
Group exhibition, 31.05. - 05.06.2004
Waschhaus, Potsdam. Eight women artists of the Peter Herrmann Gallery. With Liz Crossley, Sokari Douglas Camp, Yenatfenta Abate, Susan Hefuna, Ingrid Mwangi, Nicole Guiraud and Manuela Sambo.


Oran - Alger - Constantine
Group exhibition in the Gallery, 26.3. - 30.4.2004
Louzla Darabi - Nicole Guiraud - Samta Benyahia