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Voices from the Land & City in South Africa today. 19.3. - 27.4.2013
  Voices from the Land Xmas Girls

In the exhibition we were showing some 60 photographs extracted from the series Voices from the Land and Tales from Jozi. An accompanying film program was prepared.

Voices from the Land depicts black and white images of agrarian South Africa, where people continue to live in near feudalism until today, and poverty is close at hand. This subtle and calm series displays the documentarian claim of the photographer. In contrast is the series Tales from Jozi. Here, the blazing city life jumps to color and shows us Johannesburg in all its facets.

Tales from Jozy Linie
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Voices from the Land Linie
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82nd birthday, farewell party and exhibition opening with food, drinks and live music

Mike Russel - Guitar
Max Hughes - Bass
Kenny Martin - Drums
Lionel Haas - Keyboard
Soulymane Touré - Talking Drum


DJ Armin Engel. - Music from South Africa of the last fifty years
In the Video-room: Films from and with Jürgen Schadeberg
Catering: Ebe Ano. Nigerian Fingerfood.
Introduction: Peter Herrmann

  The Newsletter
Elmar Frank
Mr. Elmar Frank, General Sekretary of Deutsche Afrika Stiftung, ( Africa Foundation of the German Parliament) reads out a welcoming speech from Dr. Uschi Eid, Ex-Undersecretary of the Ministry of Development and President of Deutsche Afrika Stiftung as well as Vice presidend of Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institut for international cultural affairs) ifa
Diashow Linie

60 Photos Diashow of the opening

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