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Individual Art Objects
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Age classification The latest stand in the analysis of West African bronzes.
  Restitution, Trade and Africa - About return of objects
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2000 Exhibition Bronzes Stuttgart
200 Years of Metalwork from Africa
A controversial exhibition because its premise contained several theories that contradicted accepted ethnological and art historical assessments. This link will take you to the Stuttgart exhibition, which also includes detailed information...
2001 Exhibition Bronzes Berlin
...and here is the Berlin installation of the exhibition
200 Years of Metalwork from Africa
The visual documentation of the exhibition is best viewed here, and detailed descriptions of the objects can be found through the above link for the same exhibition in Stuttgart.
2002 Exhibition Traditional African Art Traditional African Art

An exhibition of selected objects from Peter Herrmann's collections.

2003 Exhibition Beadwork Beadwork of the Ndebele, Zulu and Tsonga
1920 - 1970

Berlin, August-September 2003

In cooperation with South African curator Nicole Krams

2004 Exhibition Cameroun Nomguih'e pe'e Malomgueguih'e

7. September. - 8.October 2004

The Leopard and the Spider in the Art and Mythology of the Cameroon Grassfields. Curated by Yaëlle Biro, in cooperation with Klaus Paysan.

2007 Exhibition Bronzes Bronzes from Ife and Benin

February 3 to April 14, 2007

The Gallery is showing an unusually large selection of 65 bronze objects from 11th till 19th centuries, among them heads and figures from Ife, as well as reliefs, statues, heads and animals from Benin.

2008 Exhibition Logo A Thousand Years of Benin Bronzes

February 9 - Mai 10, 2008

In parallel with a similarly-themed exhibit at Berlin’s Museum of Ethnology in Dahlem, our exhibition of over 60 objects emphasizes and augments various important aspects of classical Benin culture.