Zohra Opoku


Zohra Opoku is a German/Ghanaian fashion designer, working in fashion and art. Her work spans the mediums of textile objects, installations, designs, photography and street actions.

She derives inspiration from African symbols, traditions and style resources wherever she finds them. In an interactive way, she associates these influences by merging them artistically to give a new perspective on the same context. This thereby creates stronger visibility as the relationship with the initial context is even more tangible to the viewer. The overriding question behind her artistic actions is the question of identity.

Through active involvement in the Afro Brazilian fight dance Capoeira and engagement in her group on a trip to Brazil in 2007, Zohra had a significant confrontation with colonial history and African cultural memories. She started to use African history for reference and quotation, as well as a plethora of conventional hierarchies as sources, to create a “black“ present, one that wakes up and unbalances the stereotype subjective interpretations of African culture. She likes to challenge the European view more strongly in ways of sweet provocation on consumer culture, especially those who tend to embrace Africa as a trend.

Zohra Opoku


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Ladybatakari | Installation

2 Photographs, framed
Pattern, framed
Helmet, designed


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